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Natural Probiotic Selection Kefir Starter Culture – Pack of 5 Freeze Dried Sachets, Excellent product.

As i wanted to start making kefir again as it is good for digestive problems i contacted the supplier. Happily i have been very pleased with the product which i received. It was exactly as i expected and the instructions which came with it were clear (but must be adhered to ). I made 2 pints of kefir with a single sachet and can use the other two freeze-dried starters at a later date since they will store for months. Meanwhile i shall retain some of the kefir which i have made to start of my next batch. By the way, the packet came rapidly , was well wrapped but able to go through the letter-box. I shall definitely use this supplier again.

Used this with my yogurt maker. Half a sachet with one pint of milk.

Kefir Starter Culture – Pack of 5 Freeze Dried Sachets for Milk Kefir (5 sachets)

  • One sachet is enough to make 1 litre of thick creamy milk kefir and recultured many times
  • Can be set at room temperature. No need of specific appliances, yogurt makers etc.
  • Contains blend of live active bacteria like ”Lactococcus lactis sp lactis”, ”Lactococcus lactis sp lactis biovar diacetylactis”, ”Lactococcus lactis sp cremoris”, ”Leuconostoc mesenteroides sp cremoris”, ”Lactobacillus kefyr”, ”Candida kefyr”, ”Saccharomyces unisporus”
  • Pure bacterial blend of cultures made in laboratory environment away from additives, maltodextrin, gluten and GMO. Optimises digestion, bowel movements and intestinal flora
  • Mild in taste, suitable for healthy, probiotics rich and delicious smoothies

I bought this after hearing it was good for crohns sufferers. I bought this after hearing it was good for crohns sufferers. Obviously i have to give it time to work but it is so easy to make and i was extremely impressed that the company send email instructions. Fingers crossed it is the miracle people say it is but for the price it’s definitely worth a try.

Great product and great customer service. Great product but best part was the very informative email that arrived the day before. It was informative and a step by step account of to use the product. I chose this product because other buyers had said how good the email was. Have made my first batch with great success.

Excellent product, works really well with no problems.

Kefir Starter Culture – Pack of 5 Freeze Dried Sachets for Milk Kefir (5 sachets) : I put mine in the airing cupboard while it was setting. I used 900 ml of organic whole milk. Let it cool to around 30 degrees ( i used a thermometer ) and then pour through a strainer into a jug which allows you to mix the the kefir powder. I then filled 8 pots with lids and placed in the airing cupboard for twenty four hours. After they had set i placed them in the fridge.

The Kefir Company Milk Kefir Starter Cultures – 3 sachets : After following instructions carefully, I have been moderately successful

After taking nsaids 9 years ago i developed a nagging pain in my abdomen, always in the same place. It would come & go, but often occurred daily. Since starting the kefir last year, this pain has subsided to where i go probably weeks without noticing anything. The only downside for me is the taste, so i mix it into a smoothie.

Keep healthy feeding your gut bacteria. Easy to make but make sure you follow the instructions, there are videos on the internet. I recommend using full-fat milk to get the best results from your bio-cultures. We tried semi-skimmed and coconut milk, but the results weren’t not as good. The whole family enjoy a kefir smoothy in the afternoon made with fresh fruit. My wife has noticed a huge different with her digestion problems. We intend to keep on using it and our friends have started using it as well.

I bought the starter kit some months ago and wasn’t very successful – perhaps i was impatient. I bought the live culture and was so successful that i decided to try the starter kit again. This time i waited two days and the kefir started to grow. If you decide on the starter kit, keep it warm in a cupboard, follow the instructions and give it time it will grow. Here are the specifications for the The Kefir Company Milk Kefir Starter Cultures – 3 sachets:

  • Make up to 100 litres of Kefir
  • Contains 7 strains of probiotics
  • Supports and optimises your intestinal flora, digestion and bowel movements
  • Supports body functions and resistance to disease
  • Easy to Make; no boiling of milk and can be set at room temperature

I gave upalcohol nine months ago and felt my system could do with a boost. I’ve used this kefir ever since. I didn’t find it worked so well with skimmed milk but fine with semi and i see it works with coconut and almond (review here) so i’ll give that a go. Fast delivery and i feel great. Same breakfast every morning – i even take it with me abroad. Works even better in warm weather.

I have only used it with soya milk and thoroughly enjoy it. You can get several batches from one satchel so great value.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Therefore standard supermarket products are a waste of my time
  • Good, tasty kefir
  • Simple, cheap and delicious.

I’ve been making kefir for three years now. I’ve only ever used these starter grains. No need to shop elsewhere – these are excellent. Other kefir i have tasted is not as good.

Found this to be everything we hoped – easy to make, economical, excellent taste and thickness.