(Pack Of 6) – Soya Spray Cream | SOYATOO : Prepare to get creative

Very nice and easy to use and great to make mockas. Finaly i can order them again, used to buy them from an other seller but had to discontinue them because royal mail do not ship them anymore. Very nice and easy to use and great to make mockas and any other wiped fresh cream dessert.

Good alternative for those missing dairy.

Amazing dairy free squirty cream. For along time i have had to have drinks made with almond or soya milk with no cream on top so always miss out. But now i can enjoy cream on top. It is bit more expensive then normal cream but so is every dairy free product. It’s a lot cheaper to but in bulk which i have this time around and had long date on till next year. Over the moon with this love it. Here are the specifications for the (Pack Of 6) – Soya Spray Cream | SOYATOO:

  • 6 Pack Bundle Saving You Money
  • Great Deal On (Pack Of 6) – Soya Spray Cream | SOYATOO
  • Fantastic quality product from a great brand

Store upside down ,it will work ,trust me. Also buy elsewhere for less than £3.

Swift and careful delivery. . However the product is pretty rubbish. Way too expensive for what i got, which was about a quarter of the can or less. I followed the instructions for storage and use, and it just stopped working. Waste of money and a let down for vegans.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Soyatoo canned whipped cream:Tastes fine but you waste a lot with every can you use
  • Amazing dairy free squirty cream
  • It came a day early which I was very pleased about, I haven’t noticed many problems with using

Bought this and experienced the same problem with the can running out of gas, leaving lots of cream inside. My husband was determined to get his money’s-worth and so, after ensuring all the gas was out, opened the end with a can opener to get the rest of the cream. Not the way it should be, but did the job. Tastes great and we would buy again.

Soyatoo canned whipped cream:tastes fine but you waste a lot with every can you use. This product tastes like a sweet cream and our daughter who has to follow a dairy free diet loves it. The only problem we have had is that it is very difficult to get it out of the can. When you do, it loses its gas very quickly and we often find that, although there is more product in the can, we rarely get more than one meal’s worth of cream out of it. Ideal storage conditions for the product before and after opening are not made clear on the can. If you do store it in the fridge, it says to wait 15 minutes before serving it, but we have found you need at least double that to hope to get anything out of the can. We therefore tend to restrict use of this product as it is relatively expensive for what you get from it.