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(2 Pack) King British – Turtle Food 200g, arrived on the time stated and it has a good mix for my

My turtles are happy reptiles. My turtles are happy reptiles.

My musk turtles love this stuff. I’d brought them up for the 1st 9 months on just the food sticks before finding this mix. Several people online advise against it as they think the turtles will always pick the shrimps out over the pellets but i don’t find that at all.

(2 Pack) King British – Turtle Food 200g

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  • (2 Pack) King British – Turtle Food 200g
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My terrapin loves this stuff. He even seems to have learnt what the rattling of the tub means and starts splashing around like crazy knowing his food is coming. Oh wait, i do, and pretty much exclusively feed my terrapin on it because he loves it.

Turtles love it, especially the dried shrimps. However they are getting a bit spoilt and being selective over which bits they eat- they don’t like the dried sticks which are supposed to be good for them. I use it as a treat now and then in conjunction with reptomin pellets, so that they have to eat a complete healthy diet most of the time. By the end of the tub, the food is rather powdery and spoils the water. Only use about 2/3 of the pot and discard the remaining powder bits.

Good quality and quick delivery.

(2 Pack) King British – Turtle Food 200g : My turtle is never dissapointed. My turtle loves this food, there’s a good mix of sticks, shrimp and krill, he eats it all, the fish will even sneak up behind him to grab the odd mouthful. It lasts a long time, i feed mine nightly on a big pinch of this plus some raw fish\mussels\squid\eels etc to keep him well fed so my fish don’t become dinner.