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Nestlé Borden EggNog : Super taste – closest to Starbucks!

& was well in date the best befor date was september 2016 will be buying again. I bought this as a little treat for myself, after all it was for christmas. I had this a few years ago while staying with friends in america. It was just as i had i remembered it, it was really lovely. It was delivered on time, & was well in date the best befor date was september 2016 will be buying again for this christmas for sure.

Brilliant,tastes great, and reasonable price.

Great item, really quick delivery and great expiry date. Great item, really quick delivery so got here in plenty of time for christmas, expiry date was november 2015 so well happy.

Fast delivery would order from again.

Love the eggnog, had this for years now. The cartons themselves were in good condition but the outer packaging looked as if it had been in a football match.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Just Like I Remember Way Back When
  • the only criticism i have is the sell by date on the box was well up before Christmas still I enjoy it with ice and a little lim
  • Personally I don’t love it. But my husband who’s American can’t get

It is a shame that it is so expensive.

Just like i remember way back when. I got my husband into ‘merican nog several years ago. Ok it was the homemade kind from a secret family i more or less guessed because my brother wouldn’t divluge it. But i had to rely on good ole borden’s to help me out this time around because of illness. I added a few special touches of my own and it was absolutely perfect. That’s what we use to do when i was a kid growing up on the us east coast, buy some from the store and spruce it up your own way. Will be buying some again and highly recommend it for those who’s taste it may suit.